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Beijing beauty mining machinery equipment Co., Ltd. (BMMC) is specialized in mining machinery and its accessories research, development, production, sales and import and export business. The company has formal channels of imported Metso crusher accessories. Company has advanced production plant, technical team composed of engineers, have strong advantages in equipment, crusher lining processing production process by Metso Minerals Company and Sandvik's drawings, with the material standard and heat and produce lining plate technology parameters is in the original Metso Minerals and Sandvik lining board to provide the technical parameters based on improved, greatly improving the service life.
The company relies on advanced technology platform, under the tireless efforts of the excellent technical team, the new abrasion resistant lining board, greatly improve the service life, new wear-resistant lining board is mainly divided into the following two kinds.
1 old lining plate in the case of no bending, no crack, a layer of wear-resistant layer, can effectively improve the life.
2 the new lining board is not used, the first surfacing layer of wear-resistant layer, can improve the service life of two times.
Processing technology: on the basis of the original lining plate, with processing equipment for processing parts, and then used in welding.
At present, the company is rapidly and steadily developing very fast, and achieved remarkable results, use customers (Eldorado Group Jilin branch company, Jinan Iron and Steel Group's branch company, Xigang Group Shenyang Branch).

We will continue to implement our aim "to customers as a fundamental, active and enthusiastic customer service", and dedication to provide customers with the best cost-effective and the best service.

Beijing beauty mining machinery equipment Co., Ltd. (BMMC)

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